Speaker Feature: Jake Goldman

Jake Goldman (@jakemgold) of Sacramento, CA will be presenting in the Designer/Developer track of the 2013 Reno-Tahoe WordCamp. His session, titled 10 Developer Interview Questions (and the answers), will discuss the process that Jake has used in hiring developers to work with his website design agency, 10up.

I have personally hired more than 25 WordPress developers over the last few years, have considered over 100 and interviewed more than 60.

There are a about 20 questions I ask most serious candidates, from philosophical – “Tell me about something that really frustrates you about WordPress right now”- to big picture technical – “Tell me about the two fundamental hook types in WordPress, and the difference between them” to granular – “What’s the best way to prevent posts in a specific category from showing up in the blog home?” Sometimes there’s more than one right answer, sometimes there’s really one right answer. There are also some *really* bad answers.

This talk is a cheat sheet for 10 of the most important questions I ask.

Jake has taught WordPress Plugin Development at Boston University and has made presentations at events such as:

  • Reno-Tahoe WordCamp 2012
  • Los Angeles WordCamp 2012
  • Orlando WordCamp 2011
  • Miami WordCamp 2010 & 2012
  • Chicago WordCamp 2010 & 2011
  • Boston WordCamp 2010, 2011 & 2012
  • NYC WordCamp 2009 & 2012
  • Phoenix WordCamp 2012 & 2013
  • Albuquerque WordCamp 2012

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions you would like to have answered in Jake’s presentation.

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