What is a WordCamp?

WordCamps are casual, locally organized conferences covering everything related to the free, open-source content management system known as WordPress.  WordCamps come in all shapes and sizes but generally include sessions on how to use WordPress in personal and business applications, how to design WordPress-based websites and how to develop WordPress plugins and themes most efficiently without compromising website performance or security.

Who Should Attend WordCamps?

WordCamps are organized so that attendees from complete novice to advanced developer will be able to say that they have learned something new by the end of the conference. Business owners will be able to more effectively discuss their website technical requirements with their developers and will learn new and better ways to promote their business on the Internet. And those new to the idea of a WordPress-based website will know where to take their first steps.

How Do I Find A WordCamp?

If you are in the Reno-Tahoe area, this is the place to learn about our WordCamp. If you are looking for a WordCamp closer to your location, check the worldwide schedule of WordCamps at WordCamp Central.

What if I Missed WordCamp and Still Want to Learn about WordPress?

If you missed your local WordCamp or cannot attend you can still meet and learn about WordPress from local developers and enthusiasts by attending a WordPress Meetup organized in your area. Check Meetup.com to find a group near you. The Reno WordPress Meetup Group is here.

You can also find (free) video recordings of most WordCamp sessions at WordPress.tv.

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